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Nigerian Navy Rank Structure

Before discussing the Oscomp rank in Navy which is further in this article, let’s discuss a little about the Naval rank structure.

The officers of the Nigerian Navy by ranks are divided into two categories of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Officers on both sides are led by the Admiral of the fleet. However, for the non-commissioned officers, the highest rank is that of the Warrant Chief Petty Officer.

All the other seamen or sailors ( non-commissioned ) are answerable to him while all sailors in the Navy commissioned or non-commissioned have the Admiral as their overall boss.


Nigerian Navy Non-Commissioned Officers ( Seamen )

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee

Meaning of OSCOMP in Nigerian Ranks

Nigerian Navy Commissioned Officers in Ascending Order

Mid-Shipman – The is most junior of the commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy.
Sub-Lieutenant – For this rank, its equivalent can be found as Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army and Flying officer in the Air Force.
Lieutenant – The Lieutenant rank is on a similar level with Flight Lieutenant in the Air Force and Captain in the Nigerian Army.
Lieutenant Commander – The rank is the most senior of Naval junior officers. The rank of the Lieutenant Commander is similar to Squadron Leader in the Air Force and Major in the Army.
Commander – This rank is a middle naval category, the Commander cadre is comparable to Wing Commander in the Air Force and Lieutenant Colonel (Lt.Col ) in the Army
Captain – The Captain is in charge of sailing the largest ships on the high sea. This rank is equal to Group Captain cadre in the Air Force or Colonel in the Army
Commodore – A Commodore in the Navy is similar in rank to Air Commodore in the Air Force and Brigadier in the Army respectively.
Rear Admiral – Air Vice Marshal in the Air Force and Major General in the Army are on an same level with the Navy Rear Admiral.
Vice-Admiral – This is same with the rank of Air Marshal in the Air Force and Lieutenant General in the Army.
Admiral – The equivalence of an Admiral in the Nigerian Navy can be found in the rank of General in the Nigerian Army and Air Chief Marshal in the Air Force. It is the highest attainable rank in the Navy and is associated with the post of Chief of Naval Staff.
Admiral of the Fleet – This the highest rank in the Navy which is regarded as unattainable. It is equivalent to the Marshal in the Air Force and Field Marshal in the Army. The rank is only decorated on officers that have achieved an extraordinary feat. There is no current holder of this rank in Nigeria.
Nigerian naval officers

Now let’s take a look at the:

Meaning of Oscomp in Nigerian Navy
OScomp in Nigerian Navy simply means “Ordinary Seaman”. OS ( Ordinary Seaman Computer ) whatever then comes after that is the special function of that cadre or trade classification. It is just as we have in schools Vice Principal ( admin ) , Vice Principal ( academics ) this does not change the fact that both are vice but they serve different functions anyway.

The Oscomp rank is held by non-commissioned officers in the Navy – hardly ever mentioned until recently when a naval officer and comedian Abdulgafar was detained by Nigerian Navy and a press release was issued with his rank Oscomp indicated on the release.

Since the Navy statement issued by a Commodore Dahun:

Meaning of OSCOMP in Nigerian Navy

Many curious searchers like myself took to Google to search “Cute Abiola rank in Navy” but found nothing until a military source told Nigeria News Today that the rank means ( Ordinary Seaman Computer ). Computer is Cute Abiola’s trade classification, because for Naval Ratings, they add their job titles.

Now that you know what the meaning of Oscomp in Nigerian Navy is, (Ordinary Seaman in the Computer department ) , share this story, share the knowledge with others.

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